Photoluminous Exit Signs.

Charged by ambient lighting, a non-electrical exit sign solution.  Have Questions? 
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Photoluminescent exit signs (PL) are one of two types of code-compliant non-electrical exit signs (Self-luminous/Tritium/nuclear powered exit signs are the other). The photoluminous exit signs work by using premium-grade glow-in-the-dark pigments that are either screen-printed, sheet, or mold casted to form a contrasting EXIT legend and background. The installed signs require a continuous charging light source of a required minimum of 5fc (foot candles) of ambient lighting source during normal business hours and building occupancy. When the lighting levels drop beyond a threshold, such as in a power outage, the stored light energy in the sign is then visibly contrasting creating a glow in the dark effect. Note: either the letters or the background of the sign are glow-in-the-dark but never both. PL signs have a "rated viewing distance" between 50ft to 100ft which means these signs must not exceed this distance within their spacing from one another or the exit door. These ratings are determined in accordance with the Underwriters Laboratory standard (UL924), the gold standard for testing and certifying emergency lighting equipment performance.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

The Selene - UL924 Photoluminescent Exit Sign 75ft Viewing Distance: Series: EEPS

Product Code: EEPS

UL924 75ft Rated Viewing Distance, Charges using ambient light

Standard Configuration Price: $126
Photoluminescent Exit Sign 100ft Viewing Distance: Series: EEPL100

Product Code: EEPL100

UL924 100ft Rated Viewing Distance, Charges using ambient light

Standard Configuration Price: $225
UL924 Photoluminescent Exit Sign 50ft Viewing Distance: Series: EEPF

Product Code: EEPF

Requires No-Electricity to illuminate, Code-Compliant

Standard Configuration Price: $100
UL924 Brushed Photoluminescent Exit Sign 50ft Rated: Series: EESP

Product Code: EESP

Non-Electrical Exit Sign with Brushed Aluminum Face Featuring UL924 Photoluminescent 50ft Viewing Distance: Series: EESP

Standard Configuration Price: $130

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