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Payment Methods

Our website is a convenient way for customers to price and purchase products but it isn't the only way. Some of our customers such as purchasing agents for contractors, distributors, government, or corporations, may wish to purchase using purchase orders and issue corporate checks or initiate wire transfers. We are set-up and able to accept corporate or government purchase orders, payments via check, and wire transfers. The best process in these cases is for the purchasing agent to present the desired product codes either via a cart print out via email, fax, mail, or to call in the order. Others who are near our warehouses may wish to initiate product pickup via a will-call slip and pay using cash. This is acceptable only when the will-call slip is presented to our warehouse staff and arrangements are made ahead of time. Additionally, all payments are collected at the time of pick-up, or additional payment arrangements have been made in advance. Adherence with these processes allow us to better serve you and reduce your wait time at our facility.
In some situations, such as with custom orders, we may require deposits and/or check payments to clear before we begin production. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept C.O.D or personal checks without a credit evaluation.

It is our desire to work with qualified professionals. If none of the aforementioned options are suitable for you, please contact our support line and we will work together to achieve your goals.