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There are two types of non-electrical exit signs, photoluminescent (charges by absorbing light) and self-luminous which emit light from tritium gas filled tubes. There are strengths to using either but if you don't have consistent ambient lighting above 5 foot candles available to charge the photoluminescent sign it comes down to one choice, self luminous. Self luminous signs are available in two life spans, 10 years and 20 years, which means that you don't need to run wires nor provide any additional power in order for these lights to shine for 10 to 20 years. If you do have the required ambient lighting, typical in airports, hospitals, and residential building hallways, for example, then photoluminescent can be a great choice, especially for low level exit signs. See our FAQs on photoluminescent and self luminous exit signs down below the page.

Self-Luminous Exit Signs

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Sign Series EESL: UL924 Listed Non-Electrical

Product Code: EESL

Self Luminous Non-Electrical Tritium Exit Sign Series: EESL

Standard Configuration Price: $265
Photoluminescent Exit Sign 100ft Viewing Distance: Series: EEPL100

Product Code: EEPL100

UL924 100ft Rated Viewing Distance, Charges using ambient light

Standard Configuration Price: $225
The Selene - UL924 Photoluminescent Exit Sign 75ft Viewing Distance: Series: EEPS

Product Code: EEPS

UL924 75ft Rated Viewing Distance, Charges using ambient light

Standard Configuration Price: $126
UL924 Photoluminescent Exit Sign 50ft Viewing Distance: Series: EEPF

Product Code: EEPF

Requires No-Electricity to illuminate, Code-Compliant

Standard Configuration Price: $100
UL924 Brushed Photoluminescent Exit Sign 50ft Rated: Series: EESP

Product Code: EESP

Non-Electrical Exit Sign with Brushed Aluminum Face Featuring UL924 Photoluminescent 50ft Viewing Distance: Series: EESP

Standard Configuration Price: $130

Frequent Questions about Self Luminous and Photoluminescent Exit Signs

  • Do battery powered exit signs exist? The answer is there are signs that do run on rechargeable batteries however, these batteries are intended for backup power situations, meaning these signs are powered by electricity primarily and then failover to batteries when electricity is not present. We have have many of these types under our LED exit signs section. This "battery powered exit sign" concept though is not the same as with photoluminescent or self luminous exit signs because these two types of signs don't have circuitry and don't have lamps to become illuminated, therefore there is nothing for a battery to power. Self luminous exit signs are powered by a gas-filed tube that emits a beta particle that excites a phosphor coating causing the tube to glow the color of the phosphor. Pholuminescent signs are different and they use an industrial-grade strontium oxide based pigment which stores light energy and emits it in when placed in lower lighting levels such as when there is a power outage. These signs are not as bright as electrical signs during typical settings because they don't have lamps or circuits, but can be very bright in darkness over the required 90 minutes duration.
  • What do I need to use photoluminescent exit signs? You need a minimum of 5fc of ambient lighting consistently shining on the face of the sign during building occupancy. This light source needs to be not switched or not available to the public to turn on or off. The light source needs to be either unfiltered fluorescent, LED, metal halide, or mercury vapor.
  • What do I do with my expired tritium exit signs? Contact us and we can arrange for them to be recycled. We also run a promotional discount on recycling when purchasing a new replacement sign.

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