Beautifully Finished Aluminum Exit Signs

Durable and Modern Designs
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Aluminum exit signs are durable and able to be finished with various textures and techniques. Generally the housings come in two forms, either extruded or die-casted aluminum. Casted aluminum housings are thicker and are typically available brushed with a clear coat or are power-coated whereas extruded housings are typically painted with textured finishes. Cast-aluminum exit signs are often designed with the goal of satisfying architectural specifications which require more versatility in finish options. Therefore, you'll see the extruded aluminum housings have fewer options and cost less.

Aluminum Exit Signs

Recessed Edge-Lit Exit Sign Featuring Trim Options. Series: EEELR

Product Code: EEELR

Clear acrylic exit sign panel with red or green etched letters. Recessed aluminum housing with trim color options

Standard Configuration Price: $155
Alumaxus Aluminum Exit Sign With Durable and Stylish Housing Series EEAE

Product Code: EEAE

Available in Stylish Brushed Aluminum or White or Black Powder-Coated Aluminum Housing

Standard Configuration Price: $109
The Selene - UL924 Photoluminescent Exit Sign 75ft Viewing Distance: Series: EEPS

Product Code: EEPS

UL924 75ft Rated Viewing Distance, Charges using ambient light

Standard Configuration Price: $126
Aluminum Exit Sign with Lights Series: EEAC

Product Code: EEAC

Aluminum Exit Sign Featuring Durable and Stylish Aluminum Housing: Series: EEAC

Standard Configuration Price: $173
NYC Approved Aluminum LED Exit Sign Series: EENA

Product Code: EENA

Featuring Compliant 8 Inch Letters, Beautiful Brushed Aluminum, White, or Black Housing,

Standard Configuration Price: $121
UL924 Photoluminescent Exit Sign 50ft Viewing Distance: Series: EEPF

Product Code: EEPF

Requires No-Electricity to illuminate, Code-Compliant

Standard Configuration Price: $100
Vandal and Extreme Environment Exit Sign with Emergency Lights Series: EEVC

Product Code: EEVC

Durable Housing, Many Options, White or Black Housing, Red or Green Letters

Standard Configuration Price: $415
UL924 Brushed Photoluminescent Exit Sign 50ft Rated: Series: EESP

Product Code: EESP

Non-Electrical Exit Sign with Brushed Aluminum Face Featuring UL924 Photoluminescent 50ft Viewing Distance: Series: EESP

Standard Configuration Price: $130
Thin Die Cast Aluminum Exit Sign : EEAZ

Product Code: EEAZ

Standard Configuration Price: $98
Class I, Division I Explosion Proof Edge Lit LED Exit Sign Series: EEXP

Product Code: EEXP

Explosion Proof Edge Lit Exit Sign Class I, Div I, Groups C&D. Class II, Div I Groups E, F&G. Class III. Series: EEXP

Standard Configuration Price: $1837
Edgelit Exit Sign Featuring Clear Panel with Upscale Design : Series: EEEL

Product Code: EEEL

Beautiful Edge Lit Exit Sign: Clear Panel with Brushed, White, or Black Aluminum Housing, Red or Green LED Letters. Batteries Included.

Standard Configuration Price: $93
Class I Div 1 Explosion-Proof Edgelit Exit Sign with Lights Series: EEXL

Product Code: EEXL

Class I Div 1 Explosion-Proof Edgelit Exit Sign with Integrated Emergency Lights Series: EEXL

Standard Configuration Price: $2950
Breva Series Edge-Lit Exit Sign Recessed Mount : EEBEVR

Product Code: EEBEVR

Curved panel offers sleek modern look.

Standard Configuration Price: $190
Briosa Series Edge-Lit Exit Signs Recessed : EEBELR

Product Code: EEBELR

High end architectural specification grade recessed exit sign featuring flat time plate with polished chrome, dark bronze, brass options.

Standard Configuration Price: $220
Breva Series Edge-Lit Exit Sign Surface Mount : EEBEVS

Product Code: EEBEVS

Curved panel and slim aluminum housing offers a clean modern look.

Standard Configuration Price: $198
Briosa Series Edge-Lit Exit Signs Surface Mount : EEBELS

Product Code: EEBELS

High-end edge lit exit sign surface mount with etched panels, advanced circuitry, versatile mounting options, and extended color variations on housing

Standard Configuration Price: $200
Variata Series Edge Lit Exit Sign Adjustable Edge Lit Exit Sign : EEVESR

Product Code: EEVESR

Versatility is feature with the Variata edge lit exit sign. Also works well on slanted ceilings.

Standard Configuration Price: $160