LGFRD SERIES Remote Recessed Designer Light Fixtures

Product Code: LGFR

Recessed MR16 style housing with Black, White, or Brushed Nickel finishes. Multiple housing options. 6v, 12v, 24v, and 120v 4w 5w, and 6w MR16 lamps

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LGFR Series Remote Emergency Lighting Head

Product Code: LGFR 
  • Indoor Use
  • Powder-coated Die-Cast aluminum construction
  • Tool-less lamp head adjust ability
  • Glass MR16 lamp lens
  • Choice of MR16 Halogen or LED lamp
  • Choice of White, Black, Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Polished Brass
  • Recessed ceiling mount

Electrical: Powered from low voltage power source 6v, 12v, 24v with low voltage wiring (not provided). 
Mounting:Recessed Ceiling Mount
Lamp Spacing center-to-center (feet) 7' mounting height 6v4w 43' 6v5w 36' 81' 64' 12v4w 15' mounting height 55' 43' 12v5w 71' 56' 12v6w 100' 24v4w 85' 56' 44' 24v6w 100' 120v4w 85' 43' 39' 6ft Photometric spacing for 1FC average Center-to-center spacing Mounting height

Optics: Glass MR16 lamp lens 
Certifications: UL US, 
Illumination: Choice of MR16 LED lamp, 6v, 12, 24v, 120v 
Voltage DC: 6,12, 
Wattage: 4 
Warranty: 3-year limited warranty 
Depth: 14.25 
Height: 7.25 
Width: 14.25
Light Source: Halogen,LED, 
Available Housing Colors: Black,White,
Body Material: Aluminum,
Remote Head Lamp Count: 1,
Operation Temperature Min (C): 0
Operation Temperature Max (C): 0
Operation Temperature Min (F): 0
Operation Temperature Max (F): 0
Typical Installation Environments: Indoors,Residential,
Hazardous Location Class: NA,
Hazardous Location Div: NA,
Hazardous Location Group: 
Hazardous Location Zone: NA,
Hazardous Location Zone Group: NA,
Hazardous Location Zone Protection: NA,
Hazardous Location Temperature Code: NA,



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