LGCRHL 3.6v DC LED Single or Double Remote Head

Product Code: LGCRHL

Miniature Design for interiors

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LGCRHL Certified LED remote Head

Product Code: LGCRHL  
Electrical: Powered from low voltage power source 3.6 with low voltage wiring (not provided) 
  • Universal mounting adapter plate included. Mounts to singlegang switch box
  • Distance of maximum run is determined by system voltage,wire gauge and total maximum wattage on the run.
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mount.

Optics: Unique all-inclusive lamp, reflector and lens assembly 
Certifications: UL US, 
  • Adjustable, long lasting, efficient, ultra bright white LED lamp heads.
  • One, 0.5 watt white LED per lamp head
  • Unique all-inclusive lamp, reflector and lens assembly
Voltage DC: 3.6, 
Wattage: 0 
Warranty: Five year warranty 
Depth: 2.05 
Height: 2.97 
Width: 5.54
Light Source: LED, 
Available Housing Colors: Black,White,
Body Material: Thermoplastic,
Remote Head Lamp Count: 1,2,
Operation Temperature Min (C): 0
Operation Temperature Max (C): 0
Operation Temperature Min (F): 0
Operation Temperature Max (F): 0
Typical Installation Environments: Indoors,
Hazardous Location Class: NA,
Hazardous Location Div: NA,
Hazardous Location Group: NA,
Hazardous Location Zone: NA,
Hazardous Location Zone Group: NA,
Hazardous Location Zone Protection: NA,
Hazardous Location Temperature Code: NA,



Unit Width (.in):
Unit Depth (.in):
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5.54” 5.54” 4.90” 4.90 2.05” 2.03” 2.97 2.96”