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Emergency Lighting and Standby Power System Requirements

The video below covers the details of emergency lighting systems, legally required backup power systems, and optional standby power systems.

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Key Points for Emergency Lighting and Standby Power Systems

  • Auto-transfer to emergency power in 10 seconds or less
  • Must be in separate conduit
  • Must power for 90 minutes or more
  • Emergency Circuits must be separated from other circuits
  • Light Sources connected to emergency lighting must be overridden during emergency
  • Exit Signs and Emergency Lights "Bug Eyes" are the minimal example of emergency lighting equipment
  • Outside of the generator room there must be an alert system (audible and visual)
  • Must test systems every 30 days, "exercising them"

Sources for more information

  • NFPA 101
  • NEC Article 700
  • NEC Article 701
  • NEC Article 702