Code-compliance faster than ever while saving money.

5 simple ways to improve your emergency lighting system while lowering your costs.

Buy Combo Exit Signs with Emergency Lights

Doing so achieves two goals in one unit. Where does the savings come in?
Installation Time
Installation time is cut in half.
Shipping Costs
Shipping costs less due to less physical and dimensional weight.
You will need less conduit and wiring.
You will reduce battery replacement costs and simplify the mandated monthly and annual testing cycles.


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Install Battery Backup Packs

in General Illumination Fixtures.
The savings is because you'll be using your existing lights, such as fluorescent inlays or LED fixtures, rather than buying dedicated fixtures. To do this, no additional electrical drops are needed.
It may involve light switching considerations in that the circuit that the fixtures are on can't be turned off as these backup packs need to stay charging. Your electrician can help you determine if this is an option.

Use an UL Certified Emergency Lighting Inverter

This is more complex than the other options but the savings comes from needing only one battery bank for a group of fixtures instead of one per fixture and the ability to use standard light fixtures. There is no need for ballast backups or individual emergency lights. This does require you to keep the lighting circuit isolated and the maximum load on the circuit under the inverters 90 minute load rating.
If you are using LED lights, due to the increased efficiency of the lights, you can either use a smaller inverter or add more fixtures per circuit.

ExitExpo is proud to offer Luxguild emergency lighting inverters.

For outdoor units, Consider Exit Signs with Nicad Batteries

Nicad batteries are more resilient than Sealed Lead Acid batteries and have a greater temperature range rating.
In practice this means that if you need a fixture for the outdoors, the version that uses Ni-Cad batteries is less likely to need the additional costly battery heater that the SLA battery will require. Note: In the latest designs of emergency lights, those which use LED as their light source, it is more common for fixtures to use Nicad batteries exclusively.  

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Use LED Emergency Lights

LED lamps are more efficient, produce more lumens per watt, and thus require smaller batteries. The smaller batteries allow for the reduction of fixture housing sizes and weight which in turn reduces shipping charges. Additionally, LED lamps can be shaped in novel ways allowing for a more compact designs with more efficient light patterns. You can see this with our EELC Series LED Emergency Lights.

If you are currently seeking ways to improve your emergency lighting system we'd like to help. Email us or call us and we will provide a free design consultation and gladly share the advantages of one emergency egress system strategy to another.