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AMEX Gift Card Promotion

Exit Expo is pleased to provide you with the top Fire and Life Safety lighting for your facility. To thank you for your loyalty, we'd like to offer you a $200 gift card for orders placed in which the products, minus shipping and taxes, total $4000 or more in a 30-day period.

The gift card will be sent to the person responsible for placing the orders or to a person they designate.
There are a few requirements though, but they are reasonable and simple.

Here they are:
1. The offer cannot be combined with other coupons or promotions besides the free shipping promotion.
1a. The $4000 in total transactions for the 30-day period cannot be a combined total of more than one person's purchases.

2. The AMEX Gift Card will be mailed to the person responsible for placing the order(s) or to the person they designate and cannot be split into two smaller designations.

3. If, for any reason, any or all of the products from the qualifying order(s) need to be returned for cash, if the total of the qualifying order falls below $4000, an amount of up to $200 will be deducted from the refund amount. This is to ensure the fairness and spirit of the promotion. Additionally, in the event that the refund comes in the form of store credit, the store credit cannot be redeemed for cash.
For example, if an order is placed for $4000 and the AMEX gift card promotion is accepted according to our terms, and then the customer the customer returns $200 of product, the $200 credit will be deemed as being fulfilled by the AMEX Gift Card promotion. However, if the order placed is $5000, for example, well above the minimally qualifying order amount, and $500 of product is returned, then the order still qualifies for the entirety of the loyalty promotion. ExitExpo will not be responsible for instances wherein the named Gift Card recipient is not the same person as the credit card holder.

4. Qualifying credit card purchases are those wherein:
a. the credit card information satisfies all fraud checks, including but not limited to, address match, CVV code, zip code, and other industry standard precautions.
b. all phone/fax numbers on the order match to those at the shipping destination and or billing address.
c. all email addresses resolve to legitimate customer accounts.
d. all orders were placed and paid for within a 30-day period.

5. ExitExpo reserves the right to end this promotion at any time and as well refuse accepting qualifying orders while the promotion is active for any reason above or beyond those in section 4. Foreseeably, we'd only do so if we felt the promotion was being abused or if the authorized credit card holder or their credit card's issuing bank would flag the order. 

6. By placing an order and requesting the gift card, the Customer accepts Exit Expo's terms of service, the promotion's terms of service, the terms of service of AMEX and the AMEX business gift cards terms of service. The information about the AMEX Gift Cards is located here: AMEX Business Gift Cards

7. The AMEX Gift Card will be sent to the recipient within 35 days of the delivery and acceptance by customer of the products of the last qualifying order (the order which places the 30-day cycle purchasing amount above $4000. 

*Terms subject to change without notice.